The status quo is not what made your business successful.

Business Owners and payroll administrators should not pay for a payroll service.

They should pay for the value of time, security, protection, and an advocate that cares.

Let me show you how I do that for my clients.

How Can I Help You?

Heartland is not like any other payroll company in the industry.  Sales reps at other payroll companies are acquisition and transaction-based.  That means that they get the signatures needed to onboard you, but then turn you over to the customer service abyss. They get paid and then move on to the next sale, with no skin in the game to serve after the sale.

At Heartland, I actually act as an agent. I build my book of business clients and act as your advocate if and when the need arises. 

I want your loyalty, because you will have mine.

Heartland offers additional ways to serve your business needs. We are also leaders in Payments & ECommerce, Capital Lending, Point of Sale, and Gift Cards.  

How can I serve you?

Articles & Blogs

The Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) is a federal tax credit available to employers who hire people in certain target demographics who …

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Do not miss out on Work Opportunity Tax Credits, also know as WOTC. Listen to Keith Norris Miller on the Money Radio Podcast

Businesses do not have to settle...There is a better way! A way that includes an advocate, a person that cares, and will be there for years to come!

Payroll and Human Capital Management Solutions

Payroll, Onboarding, & Applicant Tracking

Support, Support, Support 

With Heartland, you get one dedicated representative for all of your service-related needs. Keith also acts as your agent and advocate. We seek and value long-term relationships!

HR & Compliance

On-Demand access to HR professionals who provide guidance on state- and industry-specific labor laws, provide customizable documents and respond quickly documents and respond quickly to important issues.

Time & Attendance

Our complete, web-based workforce management solutions can be customized to suit your business needs as they evolve.  One price; Includes geo-fencing, scheduling, time off request, and facial recognition with voice activation.

Keith Norris Miller - Credo: Don't Talk About it; Be About it.

With over 10 years of industry experience, I have seen too many businesses pay too much, without receiving the actual value of what they are promised.

Heartland allows me to care about my clients! By that, I mean that we are not an acquisition sale. I have skin in the game to keep my clients long-term. We are the only payroll company of our kind. We include a true single point of contact, not a call center atmosphere, and technology and software that are part of the package; not upgrades that you pay a premium for. 

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